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Wrap iT gift wrap organizer

We all have gift wrap supplies around the house. So, we usually have one of two situations. The tape, scissors, wrap, and bows are all in different locations and whenever we have an occasion for which we have to wrap a gift, we wander the house in search of all the needed supplies. Or, situation # 2, we have everything stored together and taking up way too much room in a closet or corner of a room.

Well, Wrap iT gift wrap organizer promises to solve these problems. Wrap iT is a hanging organizer. That’s right, you just hang it on your closet rod like a coat. I recently received a Wrap iT and put it to the test. For the record, I fell into situation #2. I had all the supplies together, but they were taking up a whole lot of valuable floor space in my closet.

When I opened the Wrap iT the first thing I noticed was its high-quality construction. This thing is not going to fall apart after a month of use! It’s loaded with pockets for tissue paper, ribbon, tape, scissors, boxes and bags and has elastic rings to hold rolls of wrapping paper. And, unlike other wrapping paper organizers, it’s built to hold the extra long rolls of paper!

I began emptying my boxes of supplies and filling the pockets of my new Wrap iT. All was going well until I realized that the Wrap iT will hold several (21) rolls of paper. The thing is, I don’t keep a lot of paper on-hand. I usually have a few rolls, but certainly not enough to fill the Wrap iT. I was also running out of room to put my ribbons. I have lots of left over ribbons from previous wraps.

I started thinking that although the Wrap iT is a good, quality product for someone who keeps a lot of rolls of wrapping paper, it wasn’t going to work for me. I sat there staring at all those empty rings I couldn’t fill and then realized I could use them—for my ribbons. I hung my ribbons through the rings and used paperclips to secure the ends.

I am very happy with the result! My ribbons are now very visible. At a glance I can see what colors I have and about what length of each ribbon I have. All my boxes, tissue paper, tapes, ribbons, bows, scissors, and paper are now together, visible and taking up about 3” of hanging space in my closet instead of a few feet of floor space. The Wrap iT is versatile, space-saving and time-saving! It does work for me and I think it will work for you too.

You can watch the Wrap It video to see how it works at