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Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Posted by [email protected] on April 27, 2015 at 1:55 PM

Cleaning is not organizing. Many people get the two confused but they are definitely two distinct things. Cleaning involves scrubbing, dusting, washing and vacuuming. Organizing involves decision making, weeding, purging, and containerizing, However, the two things do go together well and when your house is organized it is much easier to clean. So,while you are doing your spring cleaning why not do some organizing as well. Yes, it will take a little longer this time but your house will stay cleaner longer and the next time you have to clean up it will go much more quickly.


As you’re cleaning your bedroom don’t forget to take a look at the closet. Get rid of any clothes that you no longer wear. If you didn’t wear it this winter chances are you won’t wear it next winter either! Put away your fall and winter attire in bankers boxes or underbed storage. If that’s not possible at least keep all your seasonal clothes together and move them to the back of the closet. As you bring out your spring and summer wardrobe, look it over too and get rid of items that you no longer wear.


Take a good look at your medicine cabinet. Check the expiration dates on all your prescription and over the counter medicines and get rid of those that have expired. Make sure to safely dispose of medications. Call your local pharmacy or county to see where to go.  Don’t forget your make-up! All those creams you tried but didn’t like are taking up valuable drawer or makeup case space. Get rid of them! Yes, they were expensive, but you’re not using them. Also bacteria can begin growing on liquid makeup products and formulas start to degrade. It’s best to toss mascara and liquid eyeliner after 3 months, lipstick and pencil eyeliner after 2 years. Group the items you keep in categories when you put them away— face creams and lotions, eye liners and shadows, mascaras, foundations. That way you’ll know what you have.


As you’re moving all those small appliances and little gadgets to wipe down your counters ask yourself if you really need them (When's the last time you used that breadmaker?). If the answer is no then get rid of them. If the answer is yes then ask yourself if they really need to be on the counter. Try to limit yourself to no more than 3 appliances/gadgets on the counter. Your kitchen will seem cleaner and more spacious and you will have more counter space to work with. Garage Before you sweep all the salt and dirty residue from your garage floor this spring do a little organizing. Gather up all the sleds, snow shovels, car brushes, and bags of salt. Look them over and get rid of anything that’s broken or that you no longer want or need. Put the things you’re keeping together in one area of the garage so you will know right where to find them next December.

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