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Cal​l​​ To Order

Professional Organizing

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Who We Are

Kathleen Irish

A Michigan native, I am the youngest of eight children. My mother was organized (she had to be) and she passed that trait on to me. After graduating from Michigan State University, I worked as an advertising account executive, honing my time management skills. Then I became a full time mom to four kids, furthering my need for organization and my creativity in creating it! I am a proud member of The Organizing Specialists Network, where I received my professional instruction.

I have a great deal of experience organizing those with ADHD, as several of my family members have ADHD. I understand the struggles of those with ADHD and I work with them to balance their capablilities with their need to stay organized and have structure.  

Why Us?

Located in Boyne City, Michigan, Call To Order is focused on providing professional organizing services with the highest level of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.